Amp Exposure’s Jumpstart Entrepreneur Program

If you have the drive to steer your career, Amp Exposure’s Jumpstart Program has what you need. We offer young professionals the wisdom and immersive experiences for learning how to own a successful business.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of knowledge acquisition. That’s why we support hands-on learning. From day one, you’ll practice the skills required to provide excellent customer service and forge lasting bonds within the region.

We’ll show you what it takes to become a recognized professional as you embark on this one-of-a-kind career path.

Discover the Key Lessons You’ll Attain at Amp Exposure

Our program turns up the volume on your learning:

  • Develop interactive marketing campaigns that amplify brand awareness
  • Discover ways of testing markets for new brands
  • Learn how to translate marketing strategies into client ROI
  • Gain an understanding of building and managing multiple teams

Your Entrepreneurial Success Team Awaits You

As part of Amp Exposure’s Jumpstart Entrepreneur Program, you will work in concert with other young professionals who share our vision and values. You’ll form lasting relationships with customers, businesses, and other members of our vibrant team. From the start, you’ll enjoy a fast-paced journey of learning and discover what it takes to excel.

Your coaches will include:

Service managers | Brand developers | Business partners

One of the benefits of participating in the Amp Exposure Jumpstart Entrepreneur Program is the unlimited knowledge to which you’ll have access. There are opportunities to learn at every turn. What’s more, we recognize and reward individuals who demonstrate that they have what it takes to succeed. That’s why we advance based on merit, never seniority. You’ll see the results of your hard work pay off.


Stay tuned for exciting news as we raise the bar.