The Challenging and Rewarding Career Structure We Offer

The Challenging and Rewarding Career Structure We Offer

Business growth continues apace, and that means we’re adding even more talent to our roster. There are many Amp Exposure careers available within our firm. Each one provides a rewarding path.


Greyson, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “Our business model is built on increasing brand exposure. We use a results-driven approach to ensure repeat business for the people behind the brands we promote. This is all done while giving our team members plenty of chances to advance their own careers.”


Training at Amp Exposure includes paid travel to quarterly conferences. We also stress the value of mentorship. Every new hire has the chance to work alongside a seasoned team member. There are daily group meetings where our people learn about best practices and receive hands-on training. Those who apply themselves see our commitment to merit-based advancement in action. We promote from within and provide Amp Exposure pay increases according to results rather than tenure.


We offer entry-level jobs that focus on marketing techniques and event logistics. These roles, which include Amp Exposure event assistant, also feature tasks related to inventory and time management.


Event managers perform a range of HR tasks, including interviewing and training in a corporate atmosphere. They also build salesforce teams for the brands we promote. Assistant managers focus on scheduling, payroll, and recruiting. These team members also plan and conduct team meetings.


Our firm’s managers plan and oversee our brand portfolio, forecast events, and compile sales reports. They do all this while guiding teams of brand experts to preset revenue goals.


We provide an inspiring atmosphere in which people can reach their full potential. Follow Amp Exposure on Twitter to stay updated on our growth and hiring efforts.