The Key Elements of Our Training Program

The Key Elements of Our Training Program

Our Amp Exposure MIT (management in training) program is designed specifically for young professionals. “We immerse business-minded people in skill development and full business knowledge,” stated Greyson, our firm’s Director of Operations. “Through hands-on education, we prepare our team members to reach their full potential.”

Team members learn a wide range of professional skills through the course of our developmental program. Some of the earliest lessons involve pre-planning and execution of our marketing events. In the process of gaining insights in these areas, our promotional specialists develop stronger time management abilities. They also learn to adapt to changing needs on the fly, which is essential in our evolving industry.

As they progress through different levels of Amp Exposure, our team members learn valuable networking strategies. These become especially important when promoting brands at big events. We also focus on public speaking skills in our training program so that our team members are ready to make strong impressions on behalf of our company and the brands we represent.

All of these lessons put our promotional specialists in position to drive business development. They also become more capable of reaching their personal career goals. It’s an impressive recipe for lasting success.

Our training program is immersive, focusing on these key areas. Check out the Amp Exposure Facebook feed to stay up to date on our development efforts