Why We Emphasize Direct Marketing

Why We Emphasize Direct Marketing

We’re committed to achieving high returns on investments through our innovative Amp Exposure promotions. Our emphasis on direct outreach through event marketing is what allows us to enhance brand exposure.


“We’ve tripled the number of brands we represent since opening in Orlando,” stated Greyson, our firm’s Director of Operations. “With the start-ups we promote, we have an 82 percent success rate of landing them contracts with national retailers. In 12 days of our Amp Exposure direct marketing, we produce the results of 60 days of retail sales.”


Our style of direct outreach is so effective because we can expose brands to about 50,000 people in a rotation. For this reason, our event promotions are 11 times more effective than having the product sitting on the shelves in a retail setting. Greyson noted, “We keep adding exciting new brands to our portfolio because our marketing approach brings winning results.”


We train our brand experts to make the most of our direct outreach methods. Every team member learns the ins and outs of custom marketing techniques. We provide hands-on training to ensure that our people are prepared to connect with consumers. This leads to engaging promotions that enhance brand awareness unlike anything else.


The unique strengths of our direct approach are helping us surpass our growth goals. Check out the Amp Exposure Newswire to keep up with our expansion efforts.