The Benefits of Joining Our Team

The Benefits of Joining Our Team

Members of Team Amp Exposure enjoy all kinds of perks. Along with per-hour base pay and lots of performance-based bonuses, we provide our people with paid training, business trips, and travel reimbursement.


Greyson, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We offer all kinds of travel incentives for our people. They have the chance to attend quarterly leadership conferences, fun R&R retreats, and other rewarding events. We also have monthly team nights, featuring everything from dinners at great local restaurants to bowling outings.”


Team giveback events are also key parts of our inspiring work culture. Greyson remarked, “We come together to support a wide range of good causes, building stronger bonds in the process. Our team members get to learn more about each other as people every time they work to help people and organizations in need. They return to the Amp Exposure office more inspired than ever to collaborate toward winning results.”


One-to-one education is another benefit our team members enjoy. From their first days on the job, our brand experts get to work alongside accomplished performers who can show them the ropes. Coaching continues well after the initial training is complete, helping our team members better navigate their career journeys.


These are just a few of the benefits our brand experts enjoy. Learn more about our supportive team culture by liking Amp Exposure on Facebook.